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Jan 22 '13
Reblogged from our residents freshincstudios:

Studio on Flickr.
We love an old comic at Fresh inc! And Flying Fortress is a favourite too. We’ve been working on some interesting, fun and best of all, childhood favourite character licensing over the last week, we’ll share more when we can!

Reblogged from our residents freshincstudios:

Studio on Flickr.

We love an old comic at Fresh inc! And Flying Fortress is a favourite too. We’ve been working on some interesting, fun and best of all, childhood favourite character licensing over the last week, we’ll share more when we can!

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Jan 21 '13

This week’s Guest Events

Hope you are all enjoying the winter wonderland. (Here’s a snowy scape captured from the back of the building). We’ve got two new guest events launching this week. Please join us to warm your creative cockles.

Natalie Songer is here this Tuesday to launch ‘The Playroom’. A new event based on the concept of bringing creatives together and reading plays.

Phil Mill (pictured above) has signed up to host ‘ART I CHOKE’, a new meetup starting Friday evening. Its aim is to develop an experimental art and music community in Colchester. It will have a practical approach in the form of monthly workshops. If you’re interested in finding out more, please click through the story below to read more or contact Phil.

Both these events need your support, ideas, and contributions to help them grow. Please remember these events are hosted by our members for the creative community. Without the passion of our members and you, the attendees, these meetups don’t continue. So put on your snow boots and join us this week for a toasty mix of music, theatre, film making and craft.

Member Showcase: Phil Mill
Find out more about our flexible member Phil Mill and the ideas behind Art I Choke, an experimental art & music event. Read more…

The Playroom
Tuesday 22, 7 - 9.30pm. Join Natalie Songer for the launch of a new event this week inviting creatives to read plays. Read more…

Art I Choke - Experimental Music & Art
Friday 25, 7 - 9pm. A another new meetup inviting locals to delve in experimental music & art with member Phil Mill. Read more…

Embroiderers’ Guild
Saturday 26, 10am - 12noon. The Guild return to host their monthly experimental workshop exploring textile techniques. Read more…

Film Shoot Sunday
Sunday 27, 10.30 - 4pm. This month Film Colchester invite you to help them shoot Speed Dating scripts. All are welcome! Read more…

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Jan 17 '13

Member Showcase: Phil Mill

Meet our latest member Phil Mill. He’s signed up as a flexible member to host ‘ART I CHOKE’, a new event starting on Friday 25 January. It’s for musicians and artists to get experimental, and will repeat on the fourth Friday of every month. You know the drill. We invited Phil in, asked him to answer the statement ‘I make’, and added his picture to our growing collection of creatives. To find out more we asked a few questions:

What do you do? How did you get to where you are now?
Currently I’m studying popular music, but after that pro-longed period,  I got more into the manipulation of sound, noise music and unconventional or extended techniques.
I have played through a couple of jazz bands but got progressively more and more away from that and into experimental music. I’m in my final year of my degree and I do a lot of audio processing/digital processing, as I am taking the technology pathway. So I got to where I am now by going straight through the educational system and falling out the other side, more or less.

Tell us more about ART I CHOKE…
ART I CHOKE is aimed at the development of the experimental art and music community in Colchester, aimed at the practical approach ART I CHOKE (artichoke) will take place in the form of workshops.

What does the future hold for the project?
The future of ART I CHOKE can go two ways, but I hope it carries on into regular events and opportunities!

What do you think buildings like 15 Queen Street can offer creative people in towns like Colchester?
I think with the flexibility of 15 Queen Street a lot can be offered, it seems more and more independent groups/workshops/artists and musicians are beginning to find their way just by having somewhere they can go and be part of a well established community.

As a creative do you think it’s important to be around other like-minded people? If so, why?
I definitely think that it is important, and is a part reason why ART I CHOKE exists, I think this because without like-minded people being together, something can’t really grow.

If you’re intrigued and want to find out more, please email Phil for information. You can RSVP via facebook or our meetup page. We hope this event will become another one of our guest events that supports the creative community. Bringing like-minded people together is always a good thing in our books.

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Jan 16 '13

Music fundraising training with Sound Exchange

On Saturday 2 February, SoundExchange will be hosting a one day training event that will introduce participants to ways of finding funding for their music projects.

Sound Exchange is an independent music development agency based in Essex. The organisation was set-up to meet the need for a more coherent and joined-up approach to music development in the county. They help grow networks, make connections, champion best practice, support live and recorded music, be an information exchange hub and a catalyst for new musical initiatives across musical genres.

The event will be held at Colchester Business Centre in central Colchester and will run from 11am to 5pm. The training event is open to all. Tickets are £10 for organisations,
£5 for individuals and £3 for Unwaged/Students. A real good deal if we say so ourselves.

Here’s what will be covered on the day:

  • What is a fundraising strategy and how do you create one?
  • What does it mean to be ‘fit for purpose’ and ‘funder-ready’?
  • Understanding if and how local landscapes are relevant
  • What are the different types of funding?
  • Sponsorship - what it is and how to get it
  • Public funding for the cultural sector - a national and local overview
  • Trusts and foundations - how to maximise chances of success
  • Individual giving; the biggest growth area in fundraising
  • Fundraising in the digital age - how can you maximise results?
  • Resourcing fundraising activity - what and who do you need to do the job?
  • Looking after your funders
  • Setting SMART fundraising objectives
  • What you’ll go away with:
  • An overview and understanding of what funding is, the types that are available and what funders want
  • A sense of what portfolio fundraising is, how to achieve the right balance for their organisation and what they need to do to be funder-ready
  • An understanding of the human and financial resources required

Phew! Tickets can be bought here and if you have any questions then please e-mail Gary.

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Jan 12 '13

The Raid @ firstsite

Colchester Film Festival presents ‘Unseen Cinema’ every second Monday of the month in firstsite's state of the art auditorium. Each screening will be a taste of the very best films that didn't make it into your local multiplex.

This Monday (14 January) they will be showing 'The Raid' directed by Gareth Evans from 7pm.

"A SWAT team becomes trapped in a tenement run by a ruthless mobster and his army of killers and thugs."
Rotten Tomatoes

It’s just £5, £3.50 concessions or £3 to firstsite members. Booking is essential so get online and nab yourself a seat. You can view the upcoming films on their facebook. We’re really pleased our flexi members Film Colchester have created such a thriving film community in our town. Please help it to grow by supporting the night!

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Jan 11 '13

Member Showcase: Natalie Songer


Our second flexible member to sign up in the new year is Natalie Songer. (Who is the first you ask? Why it’s Jon). Natalie has joined the project to host The Playroom, a new play-reading group starting on Tuesday 22 January. We invited our new member into the building to snap an ‘I make' photo, adding her to our ongoing showcase of local creatives living and working in the town. We had a quick Q & A to find out more about our new member, and the idea behind her event:

Read More

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Jan 10 '13

The Christmas Dip

We discovered this video of the Clacton Beach Christmas Dip by local film maker Richard (or ‘Stig' as he's also known). We wanted to find out more so we hunted him down and fired over a few questions for a quick round interview:

What do you do?
I shoot and edit video, watch a lot of films and also dabble in photography.

How did you get to where you are now?
To be honest I don’t know where I am or how I got here, but when things click I know I’m in the right place.

Tell us more about the Clacton Dip… and did you jump in yourself?
I don’t know anything about the tradition of the Christmas Day Dip in Clacton, all I knew is that people would look interesting in slow motion coming out of the freezing cold water.  Of course I would have got in myself if I wasn’t filming, most people are swimming for a charity close to their hearts. I’m sure I will have a go one day when the time is right.

Were there any surprises that made you smile on the shoot?
Everyone pretty much knows the score and is prepared for just about anything so there were no real surprises. Clacton gets a bad rep sometimes, especially from the creative community who may consider themselves culturally superior to the average Clactonian, something I have been guilty of myself in the past.  The vibe and atmosphere amongst the people of Clacton was the real surprise, everyone was there to support their loved ones, everyone was there for a good time with no pretense. 

Do you have any tips for people embarking on a career within the Creative Industries?
Everyone’s journey is different, its something you just have to experience to know if it will work for you.

Stig is based with our eccentric friends at the Buffalo Tank and is part of the Timecode Cartel. If you want to find out more. Drop him an email and say hello.

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Jan 7 '13

This week’s Guest Events

We’re back. We’re open. We’re ready to roll in 2013. The building work is almost complete. There are just a few snags to tidy up. We won’t show you any sneaky peeks just yet. We’d rather wait until the project is complete to showcase the space.

There are four events on this week for you to enjoy. Run by our flexible members for the creative community. Drop in to support the wonderful work of our members who continue to set up their own networks and meetups.

Green Party
Monday 7 Jan, 7.30 - 9.30pm
The local and District Green Party group meet here on the first Monday of every month. The meetings are quite informal and typically include announcements of forthcoming events, discussion of environmental or social justice issues, and planning of future events. You don’t need to be a party member to attend a meeting - everyone is welcome.
Read more…

Colchester Poetry
Tuesday 8 Jan, 7.30 - 9.30pm
On the first Tuesday of every month, local poet James Sarek hosts Colchester Poetry. The group’s aim is to connect, support and share the work of local poets. From little exercises, challenges, reading out work, to simply meeting up for a cuppa. The group has really grown over the year. They’ve hosted a spoken word tent at the Colchester Free Festival, run an Open Mic event at the weekends and a Sunday Matinee at firstsite. Join them to find out how you can get involved.
Read more…

Writing the Self
Wednesday 9 Jan, 7 - 9pm
Local playwright Nicola Werenowska host’s a monthly workshop for artists, playwrights and creatives exploring the relationship between art/writing and the self. Hosted in a productive and fun way, you will use personal experience directly and indirectly to inform artistic work. Beginners to experienced writers are welcome. The workshops will include group and individual practical writing exercises and stimulating discussion. This month’s theme is concealing and confronting.
Read more…

Colchester Poetry Presents: The Poetry Open Mic
Saturday 12 Jan, 8pm - late
A great way to spend your Saturday - watching others have a go at poetry or having a go yourself! The choice is yours. There’s a maximum of 12 billed performers for this event, so if you want a slot get in contact with James by emailing or by going to our Facebook page. There’ll also be an Open Mic section followed the billed acts, running for around 30-45 minutes. A great way to celebrate and support the talent in the town.
Read more…

Want to run your own event or find out more about what we do? Drop us an email and book a tour today.

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